Prayers Please

In Your Prayers, Remember the Sick Members of our Parishes

Alex Mucci, David Fletcher, Joyce Milehan, Rick Rodgers, Victor & Andrea Duncan, Carolyn Bonner, Renee Ray, Elorine Harris, Judy Varisco, Chix Chiginsky, Nancy Spangler, Eufracia Nunez, Jerry Meadows, Diana Berry, Tony & Marguerite Breda and John Atkins

Friends and family of parishioners
Jennifer Lackey, Casey Casto & Randi Casto, by Phyllis Moore; Seanna Bundrick, Monica Whorl & Patti Nale by Mary Crane; Barb Nim; Aaron Nim, & Rosa L. Bell Duncan, Kim Gatewood by Mary Dowdy; Estella Burley, Angela Burley by Jennifer Ostrowski; Jack Turner & Landis Turner, Alice Hinson by Wayne Staggs; Reta Rodgers, Jennifer Thomas by Renee Ray; Cherryl Lee, Brent Landers by Mike Magee; Osa E. McClain by Ann Minckley; Jeanne Sisco by Mary Spencer; Jerry Thornton by Barbara Janosick.; Sr. Eileen Schulenburg’s brother Rob; Terri Fisher by Ed Zych, Linda Tonguett by Carol Sharp. Kaye Starling by Pat Woodie; Anita Jones & Kezden Salyers by Merissa Hinson.; Tresa Hargrove by Shaina Andrews. Tex Stacy by Mary Stacy; Randy Runions by Dan Runions.
Please pray for the Repose of the Soul of Herb Marshall’s sister, Ann Jacobs.

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